FANTASTIC LATEX 2DAYS ( Cinema event & Department H ) Report!

Hi guys,

Today I’d like to blog about last weekend, when I did all kinds of rubber activities. It started on Friday!


Do you know the movie Fantastic Planet?


Shibuya Humax Cinema held a Fantastic Planet themed event.

They screened the movie, and I appeared on stage dressed as the character Tiva.On Halloween I did Tiva cosplay, and Shibuya Humax Cinema invited me to do a Fantastic Planet. It was really great timing.


Yumiko, who’d recommend Fantastic Planet cosplay to me, didn’t know about the screening and was really surprised to see the movie screened.


The reason was that it’s a French movie from about 40 years ago, and it was screened in Japan for the first time in about 10 years.

_DSF0335  _DSF0346_DSF0349



While watching the movie, I took my Tiva mask off and really enjoyed watching it on the large screen. After the movie finished I got photos taken together with my fans and Fantastic Planet fans. I was happy to meet a lot of subs that knew me.

After the event finished, I got a lot of photos taken inside the cinema. It had Tiva’s original drinks and T-shirts and I bought a white T-shirt.




Then I also got a birthday cake as a surprise present from the cinema. It was topped with white chocolate with a photo of my Tiva cosplay printed on it. I was so happy!


_DSF0393 _DSF0413
Fantastic Planet will be screened until the 10th of December so I recommend it to people who understand French or can read Japanese subtitles (at Shibuya Humax Cinema).


But this movie is a really fun cartoon that you can enjoy even if you don’t understand the words at all. If you have a chance, please make sure you come to see it.

On Saturday night there was the monthly Department H event!

This month I became a rubber Santa for Christmas. My hat, cape and lingerie were all rubber from Kurage. It’s cute right?


I’m also wearing this outfit at the Hey Photo Session on December 20th.

Department H will be held next month on January 9th. If you’re in Japan, let’s have fun there together.


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There isn’t a lot of time remaining in 2020, but please take care of your health and enjoy the end of the year.

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