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Hi everyone,

I appeared at this year’s first Department H the other day.


There was a “Happy New Year” mood and it was a really fun night. I wore new rubber that I’d got made at Kurage, and worked as the disinfecting girl and as a rubber booth staff member. The rubber booth will operate with 5 rubber girls from this year. The members are:



• Hiromi, the first rubber pony girl in Japan (her personal colour is transparent)
• Gomako-chan, who loves heavy rubber (her personal colour is black)
• Hinako, the kinky specialist who represents Japan (her personal colour is pink)
• Mistress R, the ultimate stylish Mistress (her personal colour is red)
• Me, the really cute rubber model (my personal colour is turquoise)

If you come to Department H and visit the rubber booth, say hello to the five of us (Hinako and I can speak some English).

Here are great photos from last time (the cameraman is Awesome):
 LINE_ALBUM_220114_0  LINE_ALBUM_220114_65 LINE_ALBUM_220114_44LINE_ALBUM_220114_83

By the way, did you all do your New Year cleaning? In Japan, there is a custom to do a big cleanout during the New Year period, called “Oosouji”. I was busy during that period, so I’m doing it now. I’m looking forward to everything getting clean, plus I’ll be able to fit more outfits in thanks to this.

So yesterday I went to buy a new kimono. I’ve got a lot of them, but I’d never seen one like this newest kimono. It’s really rare, so I’m excited to have it.


This is in turquoise-blue with a lot of neon swirls. Normally you can only get this kind of kimono in polyester, but I was lucky enough to find it in a better fabric.


This kimono is in off-white with a gradient to grey, with big deep red flowers in it. It looks elegant, but bright and cute.


Lastly, I went to get these yellow traditional Japanese wooden sandals (they’re called “zouri”, and wear them with a kimono). The straps look like they have splashes of blood on them. They’re cute.

These days I often go out in kimonos, and I’m looking forward to uploading photos of myself in them.

Last night, I went to a New Year party with delicious sushi and Japanese stew. There we decided to do some new photo shoots, so please stay tuned.


Tonight I’m making a new PPV video available for purchase on Onlyfans.




Here are the details:


IMG_5782IMG_5783   IMG_5781IMG_5784

「●Double Foot Play – Collaboration by Suzy Q and Eri Kitami (8 mins)

In that room there’s a really strange atmosphere. There are two masochists with foot fetishes. While masturbating, both of them wait for Suzy and Eri to arrive. The two girls look at them, then tease one masochist’s penis while laughing. The other masochist just looks on as he keeps going solo. His face looks jealous the whole time, but for some reason he’s turned on. The two girls rub it in by showing him their soles. But he can only look, not touch. The two girls make fun of them, unable to contain their laughter. After a while, the two girls get sick of it and leave the room.

It turns out there’s only more masochist in the room. He has a look of despair on his face from missing the chance to join in. How pathetic!

Fetishes included in this video:
- Double footjob (two girls on one guy)
- Lotion
- Verbal humiliation (in Japanese)
- No ejaculation」

It’s really kinky, so please enjoy!

On Juice Club, I’m uploading cosplay photos so please have a look there too.





Anyway, I’ll write again soon.


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