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Hi everyone,

Last Saturday was Department H. Everyone had fun doing all kinds of things again this month.

Photo by Jay


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Next time is July 2nd, starting from midnight (so technically Sunday July 3rd), at Uguisudani’s Kinema Club. I’ll be waiting for you. From this month, the event stopped requiring the LINE details of attendees for contact tracing (if corona gets bad again, we might restart it). So now please just bring age verification (with a photo) plus the entrance fee!


Last night I went to the Fetishism and Discipline Art Exhibition.



A variety of fetishists were exhibited at this exhibition. There photos of me taken by Yumiko Kagami, but the latex photos caught everyone’s eye. However, maybe many people didn’t notice that the rubberist inside the suitcase was me!


IMG_9624 IMG_9625 IMG_9627 IMG_9628 IMG_9632IMG_9631

On display were a body modification video, gear to ride a human horse (made by a human horse, by the way), a face hugger box, none of which you can normally see, plus photos and pictures made especially for the exhibition.

It’s free to enter, and will be held until the 11th. You can also buy artworks, so go for a look.

I bought a body modification book and postcard.
Have a look at my photos too.


After that, I did fetish shooting with Mayuri. We were wearing zentai-style spider suits. We had a great time rubbing, using the Hitachi on each other, exchanging our breath through a gas mask and more. It’s going up for sale on Onlyfans and IWantClips in the near future. Don’t miss it!

From here, I’ll talk about SM:

One of my masochists is wearing a chastity belt, so every year he can ejaculate one time. This month he’s waiting in anticipation for his birthday, which is also his ejaculation day. Every year, before that, we meet for a teasing session. We do erotic play, but he looks like he’s really suffering. Some years, he can have wet dreams. If he has one this year before I let him ejaculate, I’ll punish him very severely. I enjoy allowing him only one ejaculation a year, but I also enjoy punishing him for his wet dreams. So either way it’s fun for me. Two weeks remaining …



Recently, I’m enjoying SM. I play almost every evening. I make guys cry with my strap-on, whip them hard, tie them up with rope, make masochists blow each other in 3-ways, and more. This month I’ve got a lot of fun sessions lined up. People in Japan who want to play, please send me a mail. Or this year I’m restarting my overseas trips, which I’ll announce.

I’ll write again soon.


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