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Hi guys,

How have you been over the past month? I went on a trip to Europe!



First, Marquis Magazine invited me to a fetish party in Crete called Pleasure Bay.



That event was my first time to go to a European fetish event! Those four days became priceless memories for me. Every day people were wearing latex and enjoying fetishes, the blue ocean, the pool, good food, good music and good people.


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I took a lot of photos for Marquis, so please keep an eye on their Instagram for when they go up.

It was my first event, so I had no idea what to do. But everyone helped me and was kind to me. I was really happy and had a great time.

Thank you to Marquis Magazine, SubRosaDictum, the beautiful models and the fetishists. I’d love to meet you all again next year!

Next, I went to Munich. At that time I went to Avantgardista and Space Intruders. I caught up with Chrissie for the first time in a long time.



The last time we’d met was in Tokyo, so maybe it had been three years. We enjoyed shows, shopping, drinking and meeting everyone. It was a wonderful night.

In Munich there is the most important latex care & Fetish shop in the world.

Do you know beGLOSS? I think of course you do.

This time I got to do beGLOSS shooting. It was a great honour and pleasure. Please wait for the publication!



After Germany I went to Vienna with Chrissie. I stayed with HW Design again. The first time was 4 or 5 years ago. Harald and Sandra were very kind to me, like family ❤️



We enjoyed shopping, shooting, eating, and everything. In Vienna Chrissie and I shot riding a horse and cart. And we went to Perve Club (a fetish party). It was really fun.

Chrissie’s a lovely kinky friend of mine!

Then I went to my last destination, Italy. In Italy I went to Bologna, Venice, Florence, Rome and the Vatican. I stayed about a week in total, taken around everywhere by my heel fetish friend Lo.



I ate all the country’s famous foods and saw all the sights. By the end of the week I had walked 142,916 steps! So I ate a lot but burned off all the calories. I met many of Lo’s friends and enjoyed talking with them.

The few days back in Japan have flown by. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but haven’t quite been able to get around to it. My first overseas trip in 3 years was really stimulating and every day was rich in experiences.

I want to fill next year with overseas trips too.

I’m thinking of summarising the details of this trip into a magazine. Please keep an eye out for it.

Finally, thank you to all my friends who looked after me overseas. Thank you also to Mr. Kurage, Eureka’s Mistresses, my friends, and my subs who supported me from in Japan.

I’ll write again,


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