Hey guys,

How is your April? I’ve really enjoyed the first half because my friend Chrissie and my sub L came to Japan. With L, I went for a stroll among the cherry blossoms. I got some Italian souvenirs, thank you L. And, I did a week of shooting with Chrissie. First we went to Department H. We had a great time.


The last I met Chrissie was last October after Pleasure Bay.


In Department H, we enjoyed talking, dancing, chatting and everything. Next month’s Department H is a latex festival. In that time, Chrissie can’t come even though she really wants. But Andreas from Marquis Magazine will come to Japan.

By the way, the next issue of Marquis (#76) will do a few pages as a special feature on me. Please don’t miss it. Also, Ruby and I will be on Pleasure Bay’s 2023 promotion cover page.

After Department H, we shot in Eureka, the SM salon where I work.


The next day, we shot in Kurage. Of course we were wearing Kurage latex.


On Thursday we went to Asakusa. First we arrived in front of Senso Temple. By coincidence, we met a very famous person in Japan. He stared at Chrissie and asked me “What is inside? Why is it moving? Is it a robot?” It was so funny. I said “This is a human”. After that we walked around Senso Temple. Many people shot us because we were wearing latex and Chrissie was totally enclosed, so nobody could see her skin.


Soon, two guys introduced themselves as a TV crew and asked to interview Chrissie. They asked Chrissie “Why did you come to Japan?” And they got a surprise because Chrissie is wearing latex almost every day. Maybe we appeared on Japanese television.

After that we went to Hanayashiki, an old-style amusement park. We shot inside and we enjoyed some entertainment. Finally, we rode a rickshaw. That is a Japanese traditional sightseeing attraction. But the funny point is that a rickshaw can only be ridden by two people, so of course Chrissie and I were riding it, but our cameraman Q was running ahead of us. Because of that Q got tired and got a suntan. We went back to the office one time, then went to Ikebukuro. Until midnight, we drank alcohol with latex people.



On Friday we did studio shooting for the day. That day was so good. Please look forward to the pictures.

The last day, we met in Gom Bar. During the daytime, I was working but Chrissie was shooting. So for one week Chrissie was wearing latex every day. It was such a crazy and perfect week.

In the middle of May we will meet again in Germany. People who will come to the GFB, maybe you can see me, Chrissie and some Japanese Mistresses.

This week I’m so busy, but I’ll try to post many times on my Onlyfans. Don’t miss it!




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