English blog(DepartmentH & my recent occurrence)

Hi everyone,

I went to April Department H. This time I was wearing rubber by Kurage again. It’s so cute. I’ll show you a few photos.

The cameraman was Awesome.

_DSC9746 _DSC9673 _DSC9707 _DSC9664  _DSC9774IMG_1328


By the way, I changed my phone. Now I have an iPhone 12 Pro. The camera is really hi-spec and I shot other people.


The next one is May 1st. I’ll be waiting for everyone at the entrance. Come in Golden Week and have a good time, but please remember to enjoy the event while keeping safe from coronavirus (disinfecting your hands etc.)

I wrote this on Twitter, but recently I’m into growing plants.


An oak tree, a cactus, a Chinese banyan and a bat orchid. I wonder whether I can make a greenhouse indoors.



Thanks to everyone’s support, I’m now in the top 1.5% of Onlyfans creators.






Yesterday and the other day, I did photo shoots to post to Onlyfans.

One is called “If it’s normal to wear rubber under our normal clothes”.

I appear in the pictures wearing a catsuit under a high school uniform.



The second is “Fucking Mayuri with a strap-on in catsuits”. I take my time with her even more than in last time’s clip of the three-way. It will be available for purchase at the end of the month, so please keep an eye out for it.



The content coming out tonight is “Bunny girl Eri cowgirl position POV”.


Bunny girl Eri on top of you shakes her hips in a cowgirl position. Your fantasy comes to life with this POV clip (no sound). People who haven’t joined my Onlyfans yet, try subscribing to check it out.

Clips are also sold individually on I Want Clips (https://iwantclips.com/store/830016/Eri-Kitami).


I post Patreon too, Let’s check it!


How about I write about thing interesting things that I’ve done recently?

With my masochist R, one day we played. First I went into the room where he was waiting and talked to him. That talk was really embarrassing for him, and made him feel like he had lost his masculinity.

But while listening to it, he was turned on and masturbated until he ejaculated. Three days later, R, my friend and I had a threesome.

My friend arrived and made R give him a blowjob (a girl who came to my play before said that R was terrible at licking her out). This time my friend said that R was bad at giving oral sex to guys too. After that, R masturbated by himself while looking at my friend and I having fun. The next morning, we asked R to go out and get things for us but he bought the wrong cigarettes. While getting yelled at for his mistake, R pulled himself again.

He’s a really pathetic guy isn’t he. But I wonder if he might get off on reading this blog.

I did other interesting play too, and I’ll get around to writing about it eventually.




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